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Our Online KnowledgeBase
Our KnowledgeBase is provided by YourHealthByDesign.com. It is loaded with info on zappers, zappicators, the Syncrometer, parasite cleanses and more. Of course it has extensive info on the Terminator 2 Zapper as well. It's QUICK & EASY to use, so check it out first if you have any questions about zappers or the Terminator.
Terminator2Zapper.com is owned by YourHealthByDesign.com. All sales, customer service and warranties are handled by them.

Our owners have been self-employed since 1988 and online since 1998. They have sold over 6,000+ Terminator 2 zappers since 2002 and way over 10,000+ zappers of all kinds since early 1999.

We respect the privacy of our customers. No information is ever given to anyone, for any reason. Credit Card information given to us is NOT saved or stored online, so you can purchase without security concerns.

                       We Guarantee All Products and All Sales!

Our Terminator 2 zappers are guaranteed to be the latest models
, designed and made by Don Croft.

We've been buying Terminators from Don and his wife Carol since 2002. The Terminator Zapper is our personal favorite Hulda Clark Zapper and the one we reach for most often when zapping.

(C) Terminator2Zapper.com. All rights reserved.

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